Active learning in classroom

Create positive feelings and increase the motivation
and well-being of students

Have you ever got a feeling that students are only physically present but mentally absent in your classroom? They seem to be even asleep… This course helps you to find different methods to activate your classroom in a way that creates positive feelings. The aim of the course is to find ways to activate students in order to increase their motivation and well-being in the classroom. Active students process information more deeply and this will increase the understanding of the subject and the learning outcomes. Active students will find learning meaningful and improve their 21st-century skills such as creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. 

During the course, we will have fun and work together with the course tasks. We will explore a variety of techniques, such as drama pedagogy, group work and methods of team building activities. The focus will be on practical methods and hands-on experience in collaboration and student-centered learning. All the techniques will be tested in practice, you will learn by doing. A couple of short trips will be done to the Finnish nature and cultural locations. The Finnish forest is the best place to relax and feel calm emotions after all the action in the classroom.

Come and experience some of the best practices in Finnish schools and take a peek on Finnish nature and culture as well!


Student-centered learning engages students
in their own learning process.

During this Erasmus+ course you will

  • learn different methods to activate students in your classroom
  • explore the power of emotions and motivation in the learning process
  • get hands-on experience on teamwork and the power of group in creating positive feelings and active learning environment
  • explore student-centered learning and ways to make students feel their studies are meaningful and rewarding
  • familiarise yourself with pedagogical drama methods
  • network with teachers and staff members working in the field of education in Europe

This seven-day course is aimed at teachers, trainers, head teachers, school and education managers and other school staff who would like to explore different approaches to enhancing the activity of students in the classroom.

Methods to activate students in a classroom are often quite simple and easy to apply. Goal setting and working together are keywords for a successful learning experience and engaged students. This will also help you in making learning more fun.

Markus Masalin

Psychology teacher, web-developer, scrum master