Innovative evaluation methods

Erasmus+ course Innovative evaluation methods

Erasmus+ course: experience how to teach without exams. Learn methods how to organize peer review and self assessment.

The way the assessment at school is done has an influence on students’ motivation and learning process. This course will provide you with practical tools to assess students and give feedback in a way which enhances their positive feelings and motivation. The key question is how to pay attention to the learning process as a whole instead of measuring merely students’ results and outcomes. Process evaluation supports growth mindset instead of fixed mindset. This means that students learn to think that intelligence and talents are things that they can improve. In addition, students with growth mindset are more likely to accept challenges and keep on trying despite of failures. Ultimately this will lead to better learning outcomes and better grades.

And how to assess in an encouraging and student-centered way? Student-centered learning is personalised and the value of students’ ownership in their learning is recognized. This will improve students’ motivation to really understand topics which they are studying instead of resorting to last minute revision and  shallow processing of information. Chosen assessment methods influence the way students process information. Making learning meaningful by different assessment methods will help students to process information more deeply and thus develop the 21st century skills such as critical thinking and creativity. All in all,  different assessment methods may help students recognize their strengths and flourish at school and outside classrooms.

     During this Erasmus+ evaluation course

  • get an overview of current pedagogical approaches to learning
  • learn a variety of assessment methods such as oral exams, peer review, self-assessment and techniques to evaluate teamwork
  • plan your own techniques to do to the evaluation during your school courses
  • discuss and exchange ideas with other course participants in a multicultural environment
  • familiarise yourself with the world-renowned Finnish education system
  • network with teachers and staff members working in the field of education in Europe.

Peer review

Learn new ways to help students to give feedback to others


Explore new ways to teach metacognitive thinking.

Process evaluation

Help students to improve their academic writing.

Oral exams

Give to students new ways to show their skills.

This course is aimed at teachers, trainers, head teachers, school and education managers and other school staff who would like to learn new ways to think about assessment at school.