Our mission is to inspire and motivate people to develop their professional skills in an encouraging and engaging atmosphere.

EduBorealis offers quality educational services for both educational institutions and private companies.  Our services are tailored to the needs of each client.   

Our values

Support collaboration

Build mutual trust and respect

Embrace challenges

Offer high quality training


Ms Merja Kaskela


Merja has worked as a senior teacher of French and Swedish for over 20 years. Distance learning teacher, with focus in content development of distance learning courses.
Long experience in international projects. CEO of EduBorealis, a course trainer.

Ms Teija Havana
Th.M., M.Sc.

Teija has worked as a senior teacher of psychology, religion and philosophy since 2004. She has experience with international projects and a degree both from Finland and the UK. Teacher trainer. Peer tutor supervisor. Distance learning teacher. Working at EduBorealis as a trainer and course developer.

Ms Tuija Kae


Tuija has worked as a senior teacher of English, a deputy head teacher, and an international coordinator for over 20 years. A pioneer in developing and teaching distance learning courses. Textbook author and education consultant. Fulbright Distinguished Teacher Award 2019-2020. Responsible for developing Erasmus+ courses and visits to Finnish schools, a course trainer at EduBorealis.

Ms Hanna-Mari Tammes

M. ED. , M.A.

Hanna-Mari is a primary school teacher with a Master's degree in Education as well as a Master's degree in Spanish Language and Literature. She has experience in both studying and teaching in Spain, Germany, Costa Rica and Canada. Hanna-Mari is a language enthusiast with a passion for international encounters. Works as a course trainer for EduBorealis.

Mr Markus Masalin


Markus has worked over 10 years as a senior teacher of psychology, philosophy, and religion. Experienced teacher of educational drama. Teacher trainer, distance learning teacher, and peer tutor supervisor and super-motivated to develop learning in all fields. Working at EduBorealis as a web-designer, learning developer and course trainer.

Our trainers

Mrs Pirjo Rantanen

M. A.

Pirjo has experience of teaching German and English in different levels for over 20 years. A coordinator for international relations in her school. Textbook author. Specialises in learning in teams. A course trainer at EduBorealis in Tampere region.

Mrs Louisa Daffue-Karsten

M. A.

Louisa has over 30 years' experience of teaching English as a second language. She has worked in schools, universities, colleges, private language companies and for the British Council both internationally and in Finland. She has degrees in Journalism, English Literature, Intercultural Communication and teaching. English Textbook author. Visiting trainer at EduBorealis.

Mr Kari I. Mattila

M. Sc.

Kari is international teacher and education management trainer and curriculum developer. Keynote speaker and digital learning specialist. Experienced school development and change specialist. Work experience from Brazil, China, Pakistan and Kazakstan aside of Finland. 25 years of experience in teaching, school management and institutional quality management system. Certified as teacher, principal, individual learning path developer, on-the-job-trainer and vocational competence evaluator.