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Erasmus+ Key Action 1

What is it?

Erasmus+ offers the opportunity to send or receive school staff for teaching or professional development purposes. Teachers and school staff members can take part in a training course in another country if your school gets the Erasmus+ KA1 grant. More information on the official Erasmus website. 

Discover our inspiring training courses and choose your favourite one. The Erasmus+ grant will cover all the costs of EduBorealis courses, including the course fee, travel, and accommodation with full board. You can experience the nightless Finnish summer nights  or the magic of winter and the famous Northern Lights.  So come and have a taste of Finland, its first-class education and beautiful nature.

The highlights of
Finnish education

Student-centered learning and 21st century skills​

Enhance creativity with positive psychology​

Active learning
in classroom

Robotics and
digital skills

Tools for language teachers

Healthy mind
in a healthy body

Our courses

Good options for everyone

Erasmus+ courses are aimed at teachers, trainers, head teachers, school and education managers and other school staff for professional development. EduBorealis courses are designed and organised by qualified teachers with many years of experience in teaching, school administration and international cooperation.  Our courses are highly practical, giving you hands-on experiences and useful pedagogical methods.  We focus on collaborative working methods and interactive environment.

EduBorealis can  also arrange special courses for larger groups according to their needs. We can offer you information and support with the Erasmus+ KA1 grant application process. Naturally we will provide you with all the necessary documents needed with the Erasmus+ grant (course certificate and programme, invoice, invitation letter etc), and help you with sharing the results and benefits  of your training course (the dissemination of the project results). We offer professional development courses for every season in Finland in two locations in southern Finland. 

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