Enhance creativity with positive pedagogy

Enhance creativity with positive pedagogy

Creativity is not a superpower that only some of us have. Creativity is a skill that you can practise. In the not so distant future robots will do all the routine tasks more efficiently than humans, and this will emphasize creativity as a critical skill in working life.

At school we educate and nurture the future talents. The aim of this course is to give teachers and school staff concrete methods to activate their students’ creativity. We will help you find ways to encourage students to recognize and cherish their strengths and skills. Positive pedagogy offers you methods to create positive atmosphere in a classroom. A supportive learning environment will generate a stable ground for creativity.

Another source for creativity is teamwork. Quite often as individuals we might have vague or mediocre ideas, but when we work together, we can come up with great ideas, real strokes of genius. We will provide you with tools to facilitate collaboration in the classroom, as well as with your colleagues.

During this course you will...

  • learn techniques to promote interaction between the students
  • get hands-on experience on team work and the power of group with tasks that need problem solving skills and creativity
  • explore different ways to activate creativity such as design sprint and drama pedagogy
  • discuss and exchange ideas with other course participants in a multicultural environment
  • network with teachers and staff members working in the field of education in Europe.

This seven-day course is aimed at teachers, trainers, head teachers, school and education managers and other school staff who would like to learn new ways to enhance creative thinking and positive pedagogy in their school.


Positive pedagogy offers ideas on how to invite and increase positive feelings and motivation in the classroom. That makes a good ground for the efficient learning experiences. Come and experience the power of positive learning environment. 

Teija Havana

teacher of PSYCHOLOGY and course trainer