Healty mind in a healthy body

 Do you feel stressed? Are you planning to start taking better care of yourself? 

Stress management is an important skill. Worklife and pressures of studying can be demanding and it is useful to learn ways to handle stress in order to stay focused and to feel relaxed and healthy. 

During this course we will focus on wellbeing and you will learn practical and easy methods to relieve stress in your everyday life. You will also learn the best practises to introduce children and teens to different meditation techniques and how to prevent stress in their lives. 

Nature is an important source of wellbeing for Finns. Purity and silence have become a rare luxury in many countries, so we are lucky to have many places in Finland  where you can easily escape the busy life and slow down. Fresh Finnish nature and fresh food are important ingredients for a healthy mind in a healthy body. We will try different outdoor activities to promote wellbeing. For example, the Finnish forest is the best place to unwind and feel calm. After a restful walk in the forest you will feel at peace. 

Come and experience some of the best practices in Finnish schools and take a peek at Finnish nature and culture as well. Learn how to increase your physical and mental health.


  • learn techniques to promote your wellbeing
  • explore different ways to relieve stress and how to implement these methods in the classroom
  • learn new methods to teach in a stressless way: e.g. drama pedagogy
  • discuss and exchange ideas with other course participants in a multicultural environment
  • network with teachers and staff members working in the field of education in Europe.

Happy teachers - happy students!

The key to a healthy mind in a healthy body is to understand how to balance the demands of life. Mindfulness practices are a fantastic tool in stress management and their practice should be cultivated in the classroom. Finding ways to be present in the un-present world is an important skill for educators as well as students.

Hanna-Mari Tammes

Classroom teacher, Spanish teacher

This seven-day course is aimed at teachers, trainers, head teachers, school and education managers and other school staff who would like to explore different approaches to enhancing the activity of students in the classroom.