How to apply for an Erasmus+ KA1 grant?

1. Get a PIC code.

A single school or a coordinator for a group of schools must apply for the grant, not an individual teacher.

Your school needs a PIC code for the application. You cannot apply without the PIC code. If your school does not have one yet, you can get the PIC code here

2. Register

Register your school/organization at the EU Login (if not already registered).

3. Download an application.

Download the application form for School education staff mobility of the Erasmus+ Programme from the website of your National Agency. You will find a list of the national agencies here.

4. Register for one of the Erasmus+ courses EduBorealis offers.

Choose one of our professional development courses. Make a registration on our website to make sure you have a place if your application is approved. You can make registration before you have received the Erasmus+ KA1 grant or after receiving it. Add all the necessary information on the registration form. You can send the travel details later. 

5. Fill in and submit the application form.

When you apply, your school has to write a ‘European Development Plan’. The plan should explain the school’s development needs and outline planned mobility activities. Focus on ways these courses will help to develop your school. Erasmus+ KA1 funding is granted for staff and school development, not for educational visits.
You can apply for the grant for 1 or 2 years. Make sure you have the following details clearly explained in the application: the development needs of your school staff, the selection process of the staff members, the preparation and follow-up measures your school will take, the learning outcomes and how they will be shared within the organisation. Be as clear and detailed as possible.

  • Your country’s national agency manages the application process and makes the decisions on the grants.
  • You need the PIC code of EduBorealis for your application. EduBorealis PIC code is 899839513
  • You will also need a distance calculator for the application. The calculator is here
  • The next deadline for applying for an Erasmus+ KA1 grant will be in early February 2021

6. When you receive the good news from your national agency, please let us know.

If you didn’t register earlier, please do it now. Please do not book your flight before you get a confirmation from us that the course has enough participants and we will organise it.

The Erasmus KA1 funding covers the following costs:

  • Travel costs: Based on the travel distance of the participant’s home country and the destination country (usually 275-530 e).
  • Course fee: A lump sum on 70 e per day (max 10 days). So for a 7-day course you will get 490 e.
  • Individual support: The amount depends on the country where the course takes place. Finland is a Group 1 country so the amount is min. 80 e and max. 180 e per day. You will find the exact amount on the website of your National Agency. 
  • Organisational support: 350 e per participant.

Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced staff at EduBorealis if you need help with the application process. Good luck with your Erasmus+ application!