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We organize our courses in
three different locations
in the capital area in Finland.

1. Backby Manor, Espoo

Backby Manor offers a peaceful and charming setting to take part in an inspiring personal development course. Lake Bodom is just a stone’s throw away from Backby Manor, and nature trails leave from their doorstep. Guests can use their spa and sauna facilities for free.

Their spa area has a traditional Finnish sauna, as well as a steam sauna, pool and jacuzzi. Sports-enthusiasts can have a workout at the gym or use their sports equipment for free.
The Manor restaurant prepares delicious meals daily and they emphasize local, fresh and organic ingredients in their cooking. There will be plenty of choice for home-made food: abundant breakfast table, fresh salads, soup, main course and dessert for lunch and dinner. And in the country of heavy coffee-drinkers there will certainly be time for some afternoon coffee (or tea). With our course package in Backby you get everything: the professional training course with various workshops and activities, peaceful accommodation close to nature but still in the capital region, three meals a day and one free excursion.

Visit the Backby Manor website for more information

2.Sofia by the sea, Helsinki

Sofia cultural centre is surrounded by a beautiful nature. This peaceful environment is located by the sea in Helsinki and you can travel to the city center by metro. Metro station is 1,2 km from Sofia and there is a bus going to the metro station on Mon- Sat.

Our course package in Sofia includes the professional training course with various workshops and activities, lunch every day and one free excursion.

Sofia has accommodation at the same place and you can also book rooms there. They have single rooms, twin/double rooms and apartment suites. Apartment suites have bedrooms, a living room, dining area, kitchen. Room prices include breakfast, sauna, and an opportunity to use the pool in the mornings. The rooms are very reasonably priced.

Visit the Sofia by the see website for more information

3. In the heart of the city: Arbis and Helka, Helsinki

Our course package in the heart of the city includes the professional training course with various workshops and activities, lunch every day and one free excursion. The venue in the center of Helsinki is Arbis, Dagmarinkatu 3. It is located behind the National Museum in the heart of Helsinki. It is well served by public transport. The facilities are bright, comfortable and well- equipped. All the main sites are in the walking distance. It is easy to explore Helsinki and enjoy the atmosphere of our northern capital.

We will start our course with a welcoming lunch and first training sessions in hotel Helka.
You can book your accommodation there as well. It is easy to walk from hotel Helka to Arbis in which most of the training sessions will be held. Also the farewell lunch will be in hotel Helka.


Visit the Helka website for more information

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