Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Back in February we hosted a fantastic group of 23 teachers from Portugal, Spain, Poland, France, Germany, Belgium and Croatia. This week we received amazing feedback from our course participants from Croatia and we are happy to be able to share it with all of you today. Special thank you to Jelena Bujas-Grubar for taking the time to write this thoughtful review of one of our most popular courses “The Highlights of Finnish Education”. We count ourselves lucky to have been able to host you in our first course of 2022 in the snowy surroundings of Backby Manor!

“(–) The whole course was perfectly organised and the teachers that held different workshops were very well prepared. Besides their professional qualities I must mention their personal qualities. They were all very kind, open, accessible and the atmosphere they crated was very stimulating, friendly and inspiring.

All the activities we had were thoughtfully designed and perfectly organised, as well the workshops as the activities between the workshops. The workshops gave us an overview of the Finnish education system and the other activities as e.g. nature studies, snowshoeing or swimming in a lake an overview in the Finnish way of life and their values.

Almost everything we did, including excursion to the capital city Helsinki had a methodological and pedagogical value, showing us how to include team work and interaction between students in our everyday school work. Besides learning new methods, we learned how to cope with our daily stress and how to use mindfulness not just to improve our own life, but also of our students too.

When I reflect the whole course, I realised that the positive pedagogy was vowed into all we did and I am very grateful that I had opportunities to learn how to empower my students and help them to improve their confidence. Although I am an experienced teacher (almost 30 years of experience) I learned some new things that changed me as a person and teacher. This course was one of my best experiences I have had and I am delighted I took part in it.“

– Jelena Bujas-Grubar, Hotelijersko-turistička i ugostiteljska škola, Zadar, Croatia

2 thoughts on “Thank you for sharing your experience with us!”

  1. Carillo Christel

    I will never forget this wonderful experience there in the North of Europe in Finland.
    Everything was beyond my expectations : the teachers, the group, the landscapes, the activities…..
    I learned a lot about others and about positive pedagogy.
    I hope we will meet again guys.
    Lots of love and gratitude.
    Christel Carillo from Blain in France

    1. Hanna-Mari Tammes

      Dear Christel,

      we are so happy to receive this message from you :)! We all hope our paths will cross again in the future and be sure to know that we are just one e-mail away if you ever want to reach out to us.

      Sending you back all the positive vibrations we got from you through this message! Have a lovely spring.

      Br, Team EduBorealis

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